Selasa, 12 Mac 2013

Tidurlah Perajuritku Di sana Dengan Aman...

irik Lagu/ Lyrics: Tidurlah - Josephine Hadikusumo (Bahasa Malaysia)

Tidurlah, perajurit muda
Lepaskan bebanmu dalam buaian yang indah
Tidurlah, lelapkanlah mata
Musim luruh kan berlepas, malammu jadi cahaya

Mengapa kamu harus pergi dulu?
Mengapa kamu rebah sebelum waktu?

Bunga-bunga kan ku kalungi mu
Bersama seribu kasih
Jasamu padaku, disanjungi
Air mata ku kirim bersama doa
Bagimu, perwira

Usah lagi duka, usah lagi duka

Lirik Lagu/ Lyrics: Tidurlah - Josephine Hadikusumo (English Translation)
Sleep now, young soldier
Release your burdens in the beauty of your dreams
Sleep now; close your eyes
Fall will pass away, and your night will soon become day

Why did you have to go so early?
Why did you fall before your time?

Flowers will I garland you
Along with a thousand thanks
Your service to us, we will esteem & value
Tears I will send to accompany my prayers
For you, my hero

No more pain; no more pain
Sleep now

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